Teaching Children Water Safety

Teaching children water safety is a key part of reducing child drownings. In Florida, drownings are one of the leading causes of child deaths.   The following information is important to teach to children and reiterated through the water safety program: Never go near the water without an adult. While swimming can be fun, it’s important... Read More

6 Science Podcasts for Kids

6 Science Podcasts for Kids Adapted from Bright Horizons “Why is the sky blue?” “What is that plant called?” “How can birds fly?” “How hot is the sun?” Sound familiar? You probably have a curious child on your hands…and you might be flooded with more science-y questions than you can answer. Let podcasts for kids help! Whether... Read More

Understanding Preschool Friendships: 6 Things to Know

Understanding Preschool Social Development Adapted from Bright Horizons Family Room Last weekend at my daughter’s soccer game, my almost 4-year-old son sat huddled with a friend under a shared blanket and played trucks together. Minutes later the boys were running around an abandoned baseball field playing pretend baseball. In a blink of an eye, they... Read More

All About Conscious Discipline

All About Conscious Discipline Created by Dr. Becky Bailey Conscious Discipline is an emotional intelligence program where children learn to express their emotions, resolve problems with words, and work with others. It was developed by Dr. Becky Bailey, an author and early childhood educator. It is designed to create an environment where the motivation to... Read More

Tips for Teaching Your Child About Personal Safety

Tips for Teaching Your Child About Personal Safety Adapted from Lexi Walters Wright When it comes to personal safety, kids with learning and attention issues may be more vulnerable than other kids. So how can you teach your child about “safe” and “unsafe” people? 1. Say it early, often and very clearly.  Tell your child: “Never go... Read More

Start the New Year Off Right: Resolve to Raise a Reader!

Start the New Year Off Right: Resolve to Raise a Reader! Adapted from Reading Rockets Many New Year’s resolutions focus on developing healthy habits. Here’s one that is important to make and keep: provide a regular diet of books and reading for your preschooler. You feed and care for your child every day so that... Read More

Preschool Children and Cognitive Development

Adapted from Alexandra Louis During the preschool and kindergarten years, children begin to develop and learn new skills through play. Play encourages all the important areas of development. It includes social, emotional, physical, communication/language and cognitive development. This refers to learning to question, problem-solve, learn about spatial relationships. In addition, they acquire knowledge through imitation,... Read More

4 Ways to Make Holidays Better for Kids

Ways to Make Holidays Better for Kids Tips for keeping kids happy and able to enjoy the fun Rachel Ehmke; Adapted from Child Mind Institute It’s easy for children to be smitten with the magic of the holidays. Fun presents. Extra sweets. A vacation from school—there’s a lot to like. But with the freedom and excess... Read More

Simple Ways to Raise Grateful Children

Adapted from blogs.brighthorizons.com Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is a holiday and an expression of gratitude. Here are some tips to teach our kids gratitude and to practice  thanksgiving all year round! • Model Gratefulness. You are your children’s most important role model. Using grateful language and positive reinforcement is a great way to show children how to... Read More

Toddler Lunch Ideas

New ideas for sandwiches, wraps, mini-pizzas and more tasty lunch recipes for kids Adapted from Parenting.com by Jennifer Saltiel, Stephanie Eckelkamp and Kelly Ladd Sanchez Enjoy these yummy and simple lunch recipes!   Honey, Almond Butter & Banana Spread 2 slices of whole-wheat bread with almond butter or peanut butter. Top 1 bread slice with... Read More